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Sartorius Moisture Analyzers
Sartorius > Laboratory Scales
Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzers
Sartorius MA35
The MA35 is the new basic model in the Moisture Analyzer series from Sartorius. Its performance functions are geared toward daily routine process as performed during in-process control.

Sartorius Moisture Analyzers
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Shipping Weight: MA35 - 20 lbs
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Statistical Data Printer (YDP20-0CE), Add $1147.50

Thermogravimetric analysis: rapid and reliable: Unlike the conventional oven drying and analytical balance method, the Sartorius MA combines both instruments in a unit based on the same principle: moisture removal using heat. The difference is in the speed. Within 3 to 15 minutes the Sartorius MA units accomplish what takes hours for the conventional method of moisture analysis. Moreover, the Sartorius method is much more reliable because a microprocessor controls all functions (temperature, time, weight) and does all the calculating to avoid operating and procedural errors, saving the operator time

Easy to operate: The Sartorius MA moisture analyzers are very easy to operate: the user does not need any prior experience. Sartorius provides an Application Guide listing routines and procedures for many types of products. This guide is the result of many years of experience with moisture analysis technology. All Sartorius moisture analyzers are capable of displaying analysis results in percentage moisture, percentage dry weight (solids), ratio in percentage, residue in grams, etc. They are ideal for the food, building materials, wood and cork, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Sartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzers

The Sartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzer has a rugged design and is user-friendly. The concise display shows the user all important information at a single glance. Easy-to-understand icons guide you in three steps from taring the sample pan to starting the measurement. To make the MA35 even more user-friendly, we have done away with seldom-used programming options without compromising flexibility or measurement accuracy.

  • Maximum weighing capacity of 35 g with 1-mg resolution
  • Temperature range from 40 – 160°C
  • Shows results in % moisture, % total solids and in weight
  • Yields results in 5-15 minutes with automatic mode (depends on sample makeup and size)
  • Heating of a sample by two powerful metal tubular-shaped heating elements (also called dark radiators) Uniform distribution of the heat rays using an integrated reflector
  • Choice of two modes for end-point determination of a measurement: fully automatic and timer modes
  • Special version for compliance with FDA/HACCP regulations (no glass components)

Sartorius Moisture Analyzers Specifications

Model MA35M-SV1 MA35M-SV2
Price $2035.75
Capacity 35 g

Measuring accuracy of the weighing system (mg)

1 mg

Metal panels for FDA Requirements

Readability, average % 0.01
Repeatability with initial sample weight of approx. 1 g or greater ± 0.2
Repeatability with initial sample weight of approx. 5 g or greater ± 0.05
Display mode for Result % moisture
% dry weight (solids)
g residue

Moisture analysis

Fully automatic

Sample Heating

Timer settings 0.1-99 min. / Infrared heating using metal heating elements

Heating Element


Access to sample chamber

Hinged cover with large opening angle

Temperature range


Temperature regulation (±°C) 1°C
Temperature adjustment 1-digit increments
Heating mode


Operator Guidance Features

By icons

Number of Program Memories 1
Data Printer

Short report

GLP-compliant printout

Comprehensive GLP report in the following choice of languages: English, Spanish, French, German or Russian

Data interface port

RS-232C, for data transmission to a printer or a computer

Housing dimensions in mm

Width 224, depth 366, height 191

* Note SV2 versions have metal panels for FDA requirements
** Note C version is ceramic, H version is halogen


Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzers
Sartorius MA35

Available Accessories for Sartorius Moisture Balances

Model Description Price  
YDP20-0CE Data Printer with statistics and time/date functions, included cable fits RS232 $1147.50

6906918 Ink Ribbon (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $42.50

6906937 Printer Paper, large size (internal), package of 5 rolls (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $38.25

YTC01 T-Connector for Data Transfer Software, fits RS232 $281.35

72US1010.3 Data Transfer Software Wedge for DOS and Windows. Includes 5 foot cable, fits RS232
Completely collects balance data and transfers it to any DOS/WIndows application program

YMW02MA Moisture Connect Data Transfer Software $565.25

72602 Cable, 9-pin and 25-pin interfacing, 5 foot, IBM type (fits RS232) $50

72602.10 Cable, 9-pin and 25-pin interfacing, 33 foot, IBM type (fits RS232) $80

72602.15 Cable, 9-pin and 25-pin interfacing, 49 foot, IBM type (fits RS232) $95

YCC01-USBM2 RS232 (25-pin) to USB Connecting Cable $120.70

YRD02Z Remote Display, reflective, 3 foot (fits RS232) $392.40

YRD13Z Remote Display, transmissive, for overhead projectors (fits RS232) $514.80

YFS01 Foot Switch with T-Connector, for remote control of print, tare, cal, F, CF or toggle key $344.25

YHS02 Hand Switch with T-Connector, for remote control of print, tare, cal, F, CF or toggle key $379.95

LD2 Locking Device, anti-theft $68.00

YDS01TU Plexiglass Balance Enclosure, with anit-static coating, 15.5 w x 16 d x 18 h inches (fits all models) $215

69EA0040 Below Balance Weighing Hook (Fits CP12001S, CP16001S, CP340000, CP34001P, CP34001S) $23.94

YDB03MA Carrying Case for MA100 $394.40

YDB05MA Carrying Case for MA35 and MA150 $189.00

YWP01MA Dishes, disposable aluminum, 3.9 inches diameter, 50 count $41.00


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Printer

Sartorius YDP03-OCE Statistical Printer


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Data Printer
Price - $1147.50

Printer Paper, 5 rolls (6906937), Add $38.25
Printer Ink Ribbon, (6906918), Add $42.50


The YDP20-0CE data printer is designed to receive weighing data from a connected weighing instrument and print it on plain paper (roll width: 57.5 mm), with up to 24 characters per line. The data printer is equipped with a real-time clock. After the printer has been configured according to the required settings, it is suitable for use as auxiliary apparatus in legal metrology.

The following can be computed/printed out:
  • Number of weighing operations
  • Mean value
  • Standard deviation
  • Variation coefficient
  • Minimum value/weight
  • Maximum value/weight
  • Difference between the maximum and minimum value/weight

The YDP20-0CE data printer meets the quality standards of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in compliance with the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). In addition to recording individual weighing data, the data printer can generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. All values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. The following can be printed out, depending on your printer configuration: ? Number of weighing operations
? Mean value
? Standard deviation
? Variation coefficient
? Lowest measured value
? Highest measured value
? Difference between lowest and highest measured values
? Date and time

Data is transferred either automatically or manually, at the press of a key.



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